Performing April 17 – April 27


Kachunga & The Alligator Show began in 1982 as a public awareness program designed to bring alligators and other wildlife to schools to educate students. It has since grown into one of today's most popular shows in the fairs and festivals business. Kachunga & The Alligator has been thrilling and educating audiences from coast to coast for over 15 years. Wildlife Entertainment & Education currently deploys five gator show units. Two are permanently located year-round attractions, and three travel the U.S. and Canada thrilling audiences and packing fairs wherever they go.


Paul Smith FMX show

9 year pro fmx rider. FMX pro rider with IDOFMX (International Department of Freestyle Motocross).

Grandpa Cratchet

The Granpa Cratchet Corporation is a well established touring and production company. We perform hundreds of shows annually at more than 50 various venues entertaining more than a hundred thousand people throughout the United States. Over the years our shows have toured in nearly every state as well as Canada and Mexico. We have been sponsored by Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, Children's Mylanta and multiple other fortune 500 companies as well as various appearances on CBS, NBC, FOX and many radio stations. The Granpa Cratchet Corp has also produces DVD's, CD's, Video Games, and short films. We also provide content for television shows and produce commercials and spokescharacters for companies. We believe that the shows available for todays families lack the traditional values our country was found upon. From the Golden Rule to Work Together every Granpa show teaches an important life lesson in a fun and exciting way. The slapstick humor, wit, and charm of our characters brings these values alive in a new and vibrant way that appeals to audiences of all ages. The Granpa Cratchet Show provides an excellent alternative to the pointless entertainment offered in mainstream entertainment.


No Joes Circus

The New Edition of NOJOE'S CIRCUS "A Tribute to HOLLYWOOD" is a fantastically themed production! Filled with all the wonder and amazement that our fans have come to expect from the American Circus. A Tribute to HOLLYWOOD features the 2008 & 2009 Clown of the Year NOJOE performing some of his very best clowning routines ever! Including new for this production and for the first time an all new trampoline routine!

The Beautiful and Elegant Miss Jamie will be flying high overhead, over 30 feet high in fact on the Swinging Ladder Trapeze (the oldest style trapeze in the world and the only one to tour the U.S. in recent years). Performing on the Amazing 35' tall Wheel of Adventure is 5th generation circus performer and New World Record holder Hernan Colonia.

The Unbelievable Gail Mirabella and the Dynamo Dogs join this edition for some amazing and gravity defying action with our very first animal act ever! Plus other acts like Juggling, Hand Balancing, Chair Stacking, Poi, The Juggling Cube and more! These are the stars of the All New Movie GreasePaint and the #1 music video by the Zac Brown Band "Goodbye In Her Eyes". Don't miss this Spectacular opportunity to see true Superstars of Circus as they Salute America with Dazzling New Costumes & Dozens of New Musical Scores in "A Tribute to HOLLYWOOD"!



Wade Henry has been developing his various performing skills since he was a child in Winnipeg, Canada. Graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 1993, Wade took an unconventional path and decided to find adventure as a world traveller. Initially, he funded these travels as a world-class street performer, delivering his shows on the streets, town squares and harborfront areas of various Australian, Canadian and U.S. cities. His travels as a performer are partially documented in his popular adventure novel "The Greatest Finale". (See Merchandise page). It wasn't long before the Fair & Festival Industry picked up on Wade's abilities as a spectacular grounds act. He is an accomplished juggler, unicyclist, ropewalker, fire eater, equilibriast, magician and comic. Wade is also a master of the skilled art of handling an audience.


Eduora Farms

Eudora Farms is a culmination of hopes and dreams brought to life by Mark & Kim Nisbet. Mark and Kim first met in the summer of 1990. Kim was attending a dog training facility in North Carolina to become a Certified Obedience Instructor. Mark was using the professional dog handling services of the same facility to show his award winning Akitas. While it wasn't love at first sight, over the next several years their friendship grew as Kim's interest in Akitas was born. That friendship blossomed into true love in the summer of 1997 and they were married on September 26th, 1998 at Eudora Farms, surrounded by family, friends and their growing assortment of animals. Since that date they have provided a loving spacious home to more than 200 rare and exotic animals from around the world. As the collection of animals grew, so has their family. They have four children, Josh, Travis, Shelby, and Tristan. The Nisbet's enjoy raising their family on the outskirts of city life. Mark has a successful career as a regional sales manager for one of the largest clinical labs in the country. Kim manages the farm and cares for their children. Their overwhelming love and utmost respect for animals of the world has sent them on a journey in life to educate about and preserve these wonderful creatures for future generations to come.

  • Giraffe
  • African Boar Goat
  • Zebra
  • Camels
  • Hamadryas Baboon
  • Scottish Highland
  • Yak
  • African Serval
  • Binturong
  • Buffalo
  • African Watusi
  • Nilgai
  • Miniature Horse

Pony Rides
Appearing, April 17 THRU April 27

Come see the whole corral and meet our family of ponies named; Movie Strar, Trigger, Sweetie, Cupcake and Freckles. Let you kids take a ride with one of our pony friends which makes for a great photo op for birthday cards, christmas cards and scrapbooks.


The Oak Mountain State Fair is the only destination around Birmingham where you have the opportunity to ride a camel. If you think camel riding is like riding a horse, you really should try it. Just getting off the ground is an experience. And once those two front legs finally rise after you’ve been tipped forward by the rear ascent, you’re two meters up and in for a jerky saunter. Kids love riding our gentle giants, but don’t let that put you off joining in too. You wouldn’t be the first hesitant adult to find this little adventure surprisingly fun. Our Camels love to have their picture taken and will often pose in a variety of ways!

Larry Moore, The Magic Man
Appearing, April 18 THRU April 20 and April 25 THRU April 27

Larry Moore.. "The Magic Man" This Birmingham favorites brings a show full of magic, comedy, juggling, balloon-sculpting and much, much more!!

Fast Eddie Layne


Appearing, April 18 THRU April 20 and April 25 THRU April 27

At the Oak Mountain State Fair, where you are the STAR !!!
Fast Eddie Layne from Full Range Entertainment returns to the Oak Mountain State Fair with Microphones Ready For You to Sing Your Favorite Songs. This is Always a Great Time for Families and Friends to get together and have fun all during the Fall Fair. Songs for kids, adults, groups and more.


You never know who you will find roaming around the midway at the Oak Mountain State Fair! Get a free photo with all the Characters you can find. They love to take pictures, all you have to do is ask! They will even get on a ride with you! See as many as 5 different Characters roaming around at any given time at the Oak Mountain State Fair!