The Oak Mountain State Fair has partnered with North American Midway Entertainment, the world's largest traveling outdoor amusement park. They provide a safe midway experience including Rides, Games and Food to over 15 million fairgoers every single year in 20 states and 4 Canadian provinces, including 10 of the top 50 fairs in North America. Your family will experience a clean and safe environment while at the Oak Mountain State Fair with something for everyone from 2 years old to 70 years old. The Oak Mountain Amphitheatre has been in operation for 26 years and proud of the reputation of having a safe, clean and fun environment for all events we produce.

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Rides Expected for Fall...

Thrill Rides

Swing Tower

At 200 ft., "The Sky Swing" is the tallest portable swing in the world. The grand entrance and bright LED lighting compliment the white tower, giving it a truly majestic presence.


The passengers spin on the arm as the arm twirls and then lifts high in the air above the midway.

Nitro Blitzer

Hypercoasters are all about extreme height, speed, and airtime, and Nitro Blitzer delivers on all three fronts. Incredibly smooth and exhilarating, it is a must-ride at The Oak Mountain State Fair.


Have you ever been to an Fair or carnival and seen a ride that simply pushes every limit you thought couldn't be pushed? A ride that looks so intense, nauseating, or just downright torturous that you cannot beleive anyone would actually ride them…and enjoy them? Maybe a seemingly normal ride that is run in a way that makes it horrifying? I know, and that is exactly what waits for you at the Oak Mountain State Fair with this SPEED ride!

Cliff Hanger

The Cliff Hanger is an extremely popular ride in which riders lay on their stomache on the hang glider sleds. As the ride spins, the sleds swing out, and the ride tilts in the air.

Century Wheel

Latest generation of Ferris Wheels rising 70 feet. Illuminated with bright and colorful LED lighting. Family ride for all ages. Grandparents, parents and children!

Height Requirement: Any children under 54 inches must be accompanied by an adult.

Special Rules / Notes: Please secure all loose articles before riding and follow all posted safety guidelines.


The Super Slide has been a popular attraction on many American Midways for the past decade. Riders love to slide down this 90' long slide!


An open air ride themed as spiders as the dance on an invisible web

Starship 4000

The latest generation of a long time favorite called a Gravitron. Riders are escorted into an enclosed structure that is dark. A ride turns and picks up speed, riders are pushed into the wall and held in place by centrifugal force and then the floor drops way leaving them held to the wall by G forces!

Tilt - a - Whirl

The Tilt-A-Whirl has remained a classic ride on the American midway since its creation in the late 1920's. Riders choose to sit in one of the seven spacious tubs; as the ride rotates, the tubs whirl around as they travel throughout the hilly circular track.


Alpine Bobs is a classic music ride experience that features free-swinging tubs that glide through hills and valleys on a circular track. As the ride picks up speed, the tubs swing outward giving a fun bob-sled like experience!


The Banzai takes riders for a giant 55' upside-down loop with nothing below their feet. Riders are securely strapped in their floor-less seat with over-the-shoulder restraints to provide for a secure riding experience.


The Spin Out is a fantastic spectacular ride that features a rotating claw with free spinning tubs.


Strap in and take a loop on the Ring of Fire! Riders sit in a roller coaster style cage and are taken upside down 60' above the ground! Halfway through the ride, the ride operator will stop the train at the top of the loop and reverse it for an added thrill!


Blast off into the sky on the Orbitor thrill ride! This ride is sure to leave you breathless as you come to a stop begging for another spin!

Kid's Rides

Bumble Bees

Buzz your bee to the top of the Bumble Bee Bop.

Height Requirement: Must be 42 inches to ride alone

Special Rules / Notes: Please secure all loose articles before riding and always read and follow all posted safety guidelines.

Dizzy Dragon

Riders rotates in a large circle and the passengers control the spinning of their favorite colored dragon. This ride is fun for all ages. Parents, let your kids do the driving !!

Haunted Mansion

A traditional haunted house where guest ride cars through a darken maze of ghost, goblins and monsters!

Orient Express

Merry Go Round

Create magical moments with your children on one of the largest traveling Merry Go Rounds in North America! Complete with music and LED lights, this is sure to be a favorite of all the youngsters!

Rock in Tug


The Motorcycle Jump is a great ride for all those junior-bikers! The mini-motorcycles pop wheelies and go over jumps.



The Raiders is one of the greatest walk through fun houses of all time, featuring two giant bridges, punching bags, a inflatable slide, rubberband maze, and a giant fiberglass slide.


Otherwise known a Bumper Cars! This is certainly an American favorite at fairs all across the country. Bumper cars ride on a smooth floor with bumper rails all around it. Jump in, take the wheel and aim for your family and friends in other cars. See who has the best skills!

Giggle House


Attention drivers! Start your engines! The Speedway is sure to thrill junior racers as the NASCAR themed cars whip around the oval shaped track. The Speedway was manufacturered by Zamperla of Italy and was imported to the US by Helm and Sons. The Speedway is a children's variation of the classic Coney Island Whip.


Fantasy becomes reality when your child climbs aboard a miniature jet and flies high in the sky!


The Mardi Gras is a two story mirror maze with a spiral slide at the end, Lots of fun.